Adelaide Oval Western Grandstand

As lovers of cricket and Aussie rules football Manuele Engineers were ecstatic to be the fabricator with the responsibility for the supply and installation of 1600 tonnes of steelwork to the lower Western Grand Stand. Shop drawings of the complex bowl structure were entirely undertaken by USDSA with 19 in-house drafters located with in Manuele Engineers office. Generally most of the components of the structure were very heavy and much of the steelwork connected via large pins. Accuracy was an absolute requirement particularly due to the lack of tolerance in connections. Almost every major piece of steelwork was trial assembled on our shop floor to guarantee fit on site. Plat support rakers weighed up to 20 tonne each and the neat external appearance conceals thousands of hours of work to incorporate heavy plate connection nodes with in the raker boxes. Major cranage was utilised to install components with significant reach involved. All of this was undertaken in and around the existing red brick heritage wall which was retained in the finished building. The extremely technical steelwork in this project was a challenge to complete in a very tight construction program. The stand needed to be completed before the next Ashes Series and with out damage to the pristine ground synonymous with the internationally acclaimed Adelaide Oval. On December 3rd 2010 the new Western Grand Stand served to house many loyal followers of the ever important Ashes Series.

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