Royal Show Grounds - Goyder Pavilion

Project delivery for the Goyder Pavilion was quite unusual when one considers traditional building relationships. The building it self was quite large and the construction program very onerous as the new facility simply had to be ready for the following Royal Adelaide show. Manuele Engineers was engaged directly by the principle to play a role on the design team and supply and install all structural steel work. Our industry experience facilitated a strong level of input into the design phase which in turn allowed fabrication to commence much earlier than traditional delivery methods would have allowed. As depicted in the images large 70 meter long roof trusses required two cranes operating in tandem to erect them into position. All of the trusses having been previously trial assembled off site in our factory to ensure accurate fit. The project was an outstanding success. The innovative approach by the principle worked well and brought confidence to the construction program very early up in the planning process.

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