Adelaide Airport Main Terminal Building

Manuele Engineers is proud to have been involved with this important South Australian project.  Our works entailed supply, fabrication and erection of 2500 tonne of structural steelwork, propping of the framework until structurally sound, propping and erection of precast wall panels.

The new domestic and international terminals showcase an exposed white steel superstructure upon entry into the vast open spaces forming the check-in areas of the airport.  Columns are connected at both ends with large round stainless steel pins and lean out of plumb in three directions radiating out from a common point at their bases.  The check in roof rafters each have a clear span of 40 meters and concertina to form a giant truss spanning the entire width of the roof plane.

A grillage of major fabricated trusses weighing up to 11 tonne each span to support the terminal over an undercover baggage handling facility. This affords workers and the baggage protection from the elements and creates the wide-open spaces necessary to house the seemingly endless baggage conveyors.

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