Holden Press Shop – Bay 409 Extension

As is the case with much of the commercial construction done in these times the Press Shop Extension was a fast-track project.  Manuele Engineers has over years developed the expertise required to facilitate and coordinate demanding construction programs.  This project would test our skills and capabilities to a new level.

The structure comprised 1230 tonne of structural steelwork in a building that measured 214 meters long by 39 meters wide and 22 meters high.  The nature of operations in a press shop led to the requirement of a very strong framework, primarily to allow for the use of large overhead gantry cranes to lift very heavy dies over a clear open span.

Key members of the superstructure such as columns and crane support beams were fabricated from plate, as standard steel sections were not strong enough to sustain the required loads.  These members were very long and generally weighed over 10 tonne per item.  The accompanying images illustrate the assembly of boxed sections and the scale of fabrication that took place in Manuele Engineers high bay.  Automatic welding processes were used at multiple stations as a means of expediting fabrication and maintaining the necessary level of quality.

The Press Shop Extension had to be undertaken while the existing press shop adjacent remained in full operation.  This included three access doors each passing through a different bay of the new building.  Scheduling of the works was paramount to ensure Holden’s production was not affected.

The development was an outstanding success.

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