RAAF Aircraft Flightline Shelter

This unique shelter covers an area of 120 meters by 21 meters.  Manuele Engineers completed the supply and erection of the structure in a seemingly effortless fashion.  Our client was impressed by the apparent ease with which the structure came together.

The framework consists of a maze of truss work interconnected via multiple members.  This made it essential that fit was perfect.  In addition the structure, in an engineering sense, was designed as a continuous span and therefore would not be self-supporting until all components had been fully installed.

To overcome this obstacle the entire roof structure was assembled at ground level in three complete sections.  The tower columns where erected and propping towers were positioned to assist in supporting the roof sections.  Four 100 tonne cranes were then used to lift each roof section as complete units (weighing 50 tonne each) into final position.

Trial fitting of components on the factory floor and the methodology used in the installation of the steel work ensured maximum levels of safety on site and facilitated the apparent effortless assembly of the structure.

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