ACI AD6 Glass Furnace Development

Manuele Engineers is proud of its strong relationship with ACI over past years.  ACI has entrusted us with undertaking the fabrication and erection of their last two glass furnaces in Adelaide.  The projects are amongst the largest projects we have completed.

AD6 consisted of 2,017 tonne of structural steelwork, plate work and semi-mechanical steel works.  In late 2001 the AD6 furnace was the largest bottle making glass furnace in the world.

The project was erected in an extremely restrictive work area and was constructed in a very short construction period.  The completion date or what ACI terms “fire up day” had to be set in stone and could not change.  Manuele Engineers rose to the challenge and fire up of the furnace was achieved on the day it was programmed to, some twelve months earlier.

This project was all about volume and accuracy.  Volume because of the shear magnitude of the project and accuracy as there simply was not the time to do things twice.  Coordination was paramount, as the small work area seen in the attached images was at times teaming with over 250 construction workers.  This all had to occur while the plant remained fully operational.

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